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Wire ХН35ВТ is made of a chromium-nickel alloy with high anticorrosive properties and considerable resistance to high-temperature operating modes. The heat resistance and other unique resistance to corrosion of such a wire is due to the perfectly balanced chemical composition. The content of a complex of alloying components in such a wire predetermined high parameters of stability of operating properties and optimization of important operational characteristics. At present, a huge assortment of fasteners from this wire is being produced, which is used in various branches of the national economy.


The wire ХН35ВТ is resistant to significant temperature changes in the working area and to corrosive destruction. The operating temperature, recommended for long and reliable operation of the wire, can vary from nine hundred to one thousand degrees, with moderate load.


Percentage of GOST 5632−72 .

Alloy C Ti Fe Ni Cr Mn P S Si W
ХН35ВТ ≤0.12 1.1−1.5 38.23−47.1 34−38 14−16 1−2 ≤0,03 ≤0,02 ≤0,6 2.8−3.5

When making wire from alloy ХН35ВТ the temperature gradually decreases from the beginning to the end of the procedure from 1170 to 850 degrees, and then the finished wire is cooled in the open air.


Especially often, wire of this type is used in the machine building and oil industry, because the high resistance to corrosion damage and significant heat resistance of the material allows to ensure efficient operation and a long period of maintenance-free operation in the most difficult industrial conditions. To prevent the formation of scale on semi-finished products from alloy ХН35ВТ it is not recommended to exceed the temperature limit of 850 ° C in the working area of the product.

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