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Are you interested in sheet, plate, tape, titanium foil Grade 17 from the supplier — KMZ? Here you will find all the necessary information on this topic

Buy at an affordable price of the manufacturer of sheet products — sheet, tape, plate, foil made of titanium Grade 17, offers KMZ. The enterprise guarantees the prompt delivery of metal products to any point specified by the consumer.

Composition and application

This material is a low-alloy titanium alloy intended for primary molding into forged products. Usually it comes in an annealed condition.

Titanium Grade 17 has the highest thermal conductivity among deformable titanium grades. In addition, the material has a relatively low tensile strength and sufficiently high ductility. Titanium Grade 17 is used to manufacture discs for fans, compressors, and other parts requiring high operational strength.

Titanium Grade 17 is characterized by a low oxygen content and the presence of a small amount of palladium. The alloy is produced in full compliance with the technical requirements of UNS R52252, and is characterized by the following chemical composition (base — titanium):

Iron — up to 0.30%;

Associated oxygen — up to 0.18%;

Carbon — up to 0.08%;

Palladium — 0,04… 0,08%;

Bound nitrogen — up to 0.04%;

The bonded hydrogen is up to 0.015%.

Buy in stock (plate, sheet, tape, foil) sheet rolled from titanium Grade 17 at affordable prices from the manufacturer offers KMZ. The enterprise provides for immediate delivery of products to any address set by the client.


Titanium Grade 17 has the following physical characteristics:

The melting point is 1660 ° C;

The density is 4500 kg / m 3 ;

Specific heat capacity 540 J / kgK;

Specific heat conductivity 23 W / mK;

The coefficient of thermal expansion is 8.7 μm / mK;

The Poisson’s ratio is 0.32.

The mechanical properties of titanium Grade 17 are given below:

The limit of time resistance, MPa — 270;

Limit of plasticity, MPa — 210;

Relative elongation at tension,% — 27;

Relative narrowing of the cross section. % — 34%;

The elastic limit, GPa — 110.

Heat treatment modes: heating from 815 °… 860 ° C with air cooling or

heating to 800 ° C, then quenching in water. Annealing — at 800 ° C for 4 hours.

Aging is at 620… 665 ° C for 8 hours. The temperature range of hot stamping / forging is 815… 860 ° C.

KMZ as a manufacturer of sheet metal (sheet, tape, plate, foil) of titanium Grade 17, offers to purchase these products at economically advantageous prices. The enterprise ensures the immediate dispatch of the rolled products to any point indicated by the customer.