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Brass rolled strip cold method to continuous-rolling mills of the following alloys brass: L90, LO90−1, L80, L68, L63, LS59−1. The composition of the normalized GOST 15527. High quality brass strip is characterized by a flat shiny surface on two sides, without foreign inclusions or cracks. Comes lengths up to two meters in length. The strip can be attached to the raised elasticity, plasticity it can be:

· soft;

· semi-solid;

· solid;

· it is very hard.


Brass has excellent plastic properties and much stronger than copper. Brass band — very high-tech, available to any processing. Antimagnetic quality, temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical inertness, allowed her to take a worthy place in the modern industry. Due to the plasticity, brass can be laminated in very thin strip. She has a high resistance to wet abrasion, temperature extremes, vibration. It is fire resistant. Aesthetic appearance, long service life and safety make it popular in many areas. It is important that after recycling brass can be reused.


Engraving work, production of artistic embossments, furniture and window fittings, signs, pointers. Especially attractive gives such products polishing. This band is indispensable in the construction industry owing to durability and corrosion resistance. Good conductivity and namagnichennosti makes it popular in electrical engineering, telecommunications. Brass bands are made profiles, capacitor elements, valves.


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