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Today increasingly popular phosphors on the basis of oxides of aluminum. This is the next generation after the phosphors on the basis of salts of zinc, which to the XXI century are outdated. Zinc phosphors have more weight less durable and less bright. Aluminate phosphors have a variety of colors, a greater duration and intensity of the glow. These characteristics are rather variable and significantly affect the price. For example, Chinese manufacturers use in the production of the most expensive varieties of aluminosilicates, this reduces the cost of the product.


Aluminate phosphors be distinguished by the method of excitation of luminescence: electrolaboratory, radioluminous, fotoluminofore and catocalinae. However, regardless of the method of excitation they emit visible light.

the virtues

In comparison with other, aluminate phosphors have a number of advantages: high resistance to weather, no toxicity; persistence much brighter and longer duration of luminescence is 6−12 hours; high rate of chemical stability:


Aluminate phosphors relevant to conserve energy. For many years phosphors are used for backlighting of instrument panels, registration of author’s design, exclusive jewelry.

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