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KMZ sells sheet metal (sheet, tape, foil) made of stainless steel 12X13 (EZh1) at reasonable prices from the manufacturer. The enterprise provides immediate delivery of products to any point set by the client.

Composition and application

Steel 12X13 (EZh1) belongs to the category of stainless steels of martensitic-ferritic grade that do not contain nickel. Steel is widely used in the manufacture of parts operating under impact loads, in particular in slightly aggressive liquid or gaseous media at operating temperatures not exceeding 550… 580 0 С. Typical products that are produced from this steel are small gears, turbine and Compressor blades and hulls of steam boilers, responsible products of gas turbine aircraft engines and equipment, screws and other fasteners in aircraft construction. Sheet steel of grade 12Х13 (ЭЖ1) is also used in construction and finishing works for surface decoration of elements.

Technical requirements for steel comply with GOST 7350−77.

Chemical steel according to GOST 5632−80 is shown in the table:

Element Carbon Silicon Manganese Chromium
Content in steel,% 0.09… 0.15 Not more than 0.60 Not more than 0.60 12… 14

Metallurgical admixtures — sulfur and phosphorus — are allowed in the steel. Their content should not exceed 0.020% in sulfur, and 0.030% in phosphorus.

Buy at economical prices from the manufacturer of a sheet, tape or foil, made of stainless steel grade 12H13 (EZh1), offers KMZ. The enterprise ensures the timely dispatch of products to any point agreed by the client.

Properties and assortment

The main physical characteristics of steel:

  • Density, kg / m3 — 7750;
  • Coefficient of thermal conductivity, W / m 0 С — 28.

Mechanical characteristics:

  • The limit of temporary resistance, MPa — not lower than 1120;
  • Yield strength, MPa — not less than 480;
  • Relative elongation,% — 15… 19;
  • Impact strength, kJ / m 2 — no more than 2500.

Steel 12X13 (EZH1) is characterized by good ductility: the recommended temperature interval for forging is 860… 1020 0 С. Typical mode of heat treatment is quenching from temperatures 1030… 10500С into oil, followed by tempering at 700… 750 0 С. The steel is satisfactorily welded by argon-arc welding technologies; Sheet metal thickness of more than 10… 12 mm is recommended to be heated up to 240… 280 0 С before welding, in order to avoid cracking.

To buy at affordable prices from the manufacturer of sheet steel from 12X13 stainless steel (EZh1) offers KMZ. The enterprise ensures timely delivery of products to any address set by the customer.