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Zirconium is a solid metal of a yellowish tint, almost the same plastic as gold, can roll out in very thin foil, It is paramagnetic, heat-resistant metal. It is resistant to moisture and industrial condensate, alkalis, acids, ammonia, delays ionizing radiation. It has good thermal stability, does not lose its quality in the conditions of cryogenic cooling. Often used for alloying other metals. which gives strength, chemical and thermal resistance, improves workability. Due to the high technological and operating characteristics, is widely used instrumentation, electrical engineering, heat power engineering, where the production process involves high temperatures I. aggressive environments. The disadvantages of cubic Zirconia is its high cost. This multiple element of the earth’s crust. Mining and production it is associated with a number of difficulties. This is a fairly expensive metal.


Sheet and strip from zirconium made hot/cold rolling. Production of normalized GOST 15515−70. Minimum tape thickness of 0.05±0.01 mm downwards. length up to 100 meters. The format of the pages: from 500x500 mm up to 800x2000 mm with a thickness of 5 mm Tantalum sheets are manufactured in accordance with GOST 492−73 dimensional and random length. Properties to rent independent from the accompanying impurities. So sulphur forms on the surface sulfide film which has a lower melting point and makes the sheet brittle zirconium with glowing. The main way of purification from impurities is electrolytic refining. The sample is immersed in the electrolyte, and the cathode is zirconium sheet, the surface of which there is a deposition of chemically pure metal. In the electrolytic refining is the «anode mud», which is easily decomposed into valuable chemical components.


Due to the high technological and operating characteristics, compliance with the most stringent hygiene requirements, cubic Zirconia is a valuable structural material. It is widely applied for nuclear energy, industrial chemistry, textile and food industry. With the advent of such materials of new generation have the opportunity to improve technological processes of production and to ensure long term reliable operation of the whole complex of equipment. In electrical engineering — the manufacture of cathodes and anodes, as well as various elements and electric heaters, with a steadily high level of resistance. Typically, these elements are zirconium ribbon no thicker than 20 microns. Chemical resistance allows the zirconium parts of the chemical reinforcement. Cubic Zirconia are now actively replacing the noble metals. Zirconium is biologically inert, more stable in biological environments than titanium, making relevant in the manufacture of orthopedic and surgical instruments. At 4.2°K tape is based on 25% zirconium and 75% of the niobium becomes superconducting properties equivalent to 100,000 A/cm2. Due to the high resistance of the zirconium to the action of vapor, acids and other aggressive environments, it is used to manufacture not only chemical equipment, but also for the food industry, household products, manufacturing of capacitors and injection needles.


On the valid samples of insignificant defects, the risks, the traces of broach, shrinkage irregularities, which fall within the boundaries specified by the state standard. Color variations are also normalized by the standard and depend on the conditions and terms of storage of material. On the cut sheet and the ribbon must not contain foreign inclusions. The surface must be clean, free of cracks, burrs. Rolled in original packaging stored in closed warehouses. It can be transported by any transport. When transporting the semi-finished products must be protected from mechanical damage, moisture, dirt, corrosive substances.


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