19 November 2013

Children's toys with a risk to life

The compounds of lead, mercury, cadmium, as well as antimony and chromium can be found in most cheap and not so children's toys, flooding not only the spontaneous markets, but also large stores for kids. The international organization of environmental orientation IPEN, which includes a network of independent laboratories, and a branched structure of ecological cells from all over the world conducted research that dispelled all the myths about the safety of children's products.

The goods intended for research were purchased in six different states of the former post of the Soviet space, including Russia. The number of selected toys included those items that are most popular with modern children, from heroes of favorite fairy tales and cartoons to products designed for general development. The choice was not limited to any one brand or specific price range. In the field of the commission's activities were products presented in the children's toys market with various trade marks and made from a variety of materials from rubber and polymers, to natural wood and various plastics.

In the course of the study, each toy was analyzed using a special device that allowed for a few moments to determine the concentration of toxic and dangerous substances in a particular subject. The most interesting thing is that the results obtained had nothing to compare with, since the documents regulating the permissible dose, for example lead or mercury in children's goods in Russia are absent. Therefore, independent experts were guided by the normative documentation on this issue of neighboring countries.

The results presented to interested consumers were truly impressive. After all, in any toy presented for the study was present at least one of such metals as mercury, lead, chromium, cadmium or antimony, in a concentration exceeding the permissible limit for the soil. This is with the fact that the soil is unlikely to fall into the mouth of a baby, and the favorite toy will almost certainly be tested by a small citizen for taste. More than eighty percent of the items found in the research area were taken to the outlets from China. And almost eighteen percent of the toys tested during this test contain very dangerous lead compounds at concentrations exceeding the maximum permissible safety limit by almost five hundred and eighty times.

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