20 November 2013

Lead cores for brigs and frigates

Despite the high level of toxicity, lead for some folk craftsmen along with other industrial materials becomes raw material for creating real masterpieces of great art.

It was a great love for the sea and various modifications of the ships of a thirty-eight-year-old Kievan from the family named Alexander Dubenets that became the prerequisite for the creation of an entire armada, including ships from different countries and epochs. Each creation of the master ensures the maximum conformity of the product to the original. Miniature vessels repeat the smallest details of their prototypes and differ from full-sized ships only in size. Virtually all the metal parts of his flotilla Alexander also casts himself out of lead. Inspiration for the national craftsman is the sea station, which he visits regularly. Although the master profession (electrician) is not connected with the sea in any way, he still dreams of opening his own art gallery, where not only his exhibits will be presented, but also the history of the fleet development from antiquity to the present day.

The predilection for precision and perfection makes the craftsman after a detailed study of the model of the ship and the development of its miniature drawings, sometimes several times reworking the same detail to obtain the maximum quality and similarity to the prototype. When making a copy of the Brig "Mercury", Alexander cast more than two hundred lead cannonballs, the size of a head from a pin, to select for the exhibition only eighteen perfectly round objects. Also, in the process of working on the brig, the master made one hundred and twelve miniature cannons of lead alloy, but the exact similarity with the tools of the original ship is provided by only ten items, the rest of the master will once again remodel. In general, work on this ship lasted for the eighth year.

Such a hobby for the citizen of Kiev was not only a passion for all life, but also an opportunity to make good money. Indeed, at present our compatriot is widely known both in narrowly focused circles of collectors of our country, and abroad. While still at school and starting to make his first ships, Alexander could not even imagine that sometime, many years later, his creations would become a collector's item. As in his time the art of designing models of ships to the master was passed by his grandfather, so now Alexander himself teaches the craft of his son, after all a good tradition should continue, despite the change of times and generations.

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