26 November 2013

Unique properties of non-ferrous metals for cleaning teeth

Dental care for keeping the mouth clean and giving fresh breath over the centuries has undergone many changes if once only the natural ingredients were included in the special cleaning substance, now the tube of toothpaste is a set of various chemicals, among which there are even Metals.

In ancient times, the powder for cleaning teeth included mint leaves, salt powder, pepper and inflorescence of iris, the composition of the ingredients in the modern product amazes with its variety. As an abrasive component in toothpaste intended for teeth whitening, silicon hydroxide is often used. This substance is completely safe for human health and will help gently and accurately return the oral cavity, radiant, attractive appearance. Another type of bleach is titanium hydroxide. This substance also has a high level of safety and perfectly reflects the ultraviolet rays. When using a paste with the presence of a titanium additive, you can safely smile to the sun's rays without risking ruining the enamel.

Antibacterial action in a cleaning agent belongs to a zinc compound called zinc citrate. Such a substance will perfectly relieve the unpleasant odor from the mouth, but it should be noted that the presence of such a flavor can be the first signal of the development of a dangerous disease. Therefore, it is necessary not only to mask the smells, but to seek and eliminate the cause of their appearance. Sodium fluoride belongs to the property of protecting teeth from the destructive effects of acids that are capable of producing certain types of bacteria. In addition, this compound restores the mineral balance on the surface of those areas of the oral cavity that have already been destroyed.

It is good to strengthen the tooth enamel and reduce the sensitivity of your dentition device to sharp temperature fluctuations will help potassium nitrate. So, that known advertising in this case did not exaggerate the magic properties of this substance. In addition, our paste contains a lot of additional components that strengthen the beneficial effects of the base and fragrances that give the whole composition a fresh and juicy scent. A balanced combination of such an unusual set of little similar ingredients has a beneficial effect on the teeth and ensures their health and attractive appearance.

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