16 December 2013

Passions on the Khopersky deposit do not subside, but only gaining momentum

Known to a wide range of nature advocates, the movement against the extraction of non-ferrous metals on the Khoper deposit does not subside, but only begins to gain momentum. Today, the opposition of environmentalists and the Ural mountain complex acquires a criminal color. On the apartments of some leaders of this confrontation, searches were conducted by MVD employees. According to the assurances of nature advocates, such actions are carried out with the full consent of a large metallurgical company and power structures. One of the leading coordinators of the ecological camp Konstantin Rubakhin is now in the Russian capital. According to him, such a trip is not connected with an attempt to hide from the investigative bodies. At the first request of the investigators, he is ready to appear for testimony or to provide any information on the capture of a historically important and protected clean natural area. After all, the ecologist has nothing to hide from the general public, his actions are very transparent.

The extraction of cobalt and copper in the territory of the ancient reserve can ruin the natural wealth of the whole region. In addition, despite all the treatment facilities that a large mining complex is going to install at its plant, the process of mining metals is associated with a risk for the entire region. The soil and rich vegetation of the adjacent territories for many kilometers from the hearth of the disaster will be irretrievably irretrievably lost. The indigenous population of the territorial bloc actively supports ecologists. About ninety-eight percent of all residents of the region spoke out against the construction of the mining complex, despite the new jobs that UMMC can offer the population. The history of the rich nature reserve area is more than one hundred years old. This region is rich in unique types of vegetation and unique air that the indigenous people try to preserve for their descendants. The extraction of such metals as copper or cobalt, due to the peculiarities of the technological process, is associated with causing considerable damage to the ecological background of the region. Despite the importance of valuable raw materials for metallurgy, the planet's health can not be completely discounted. After all, the derivatives of copper and cobalt mining tend to accumulate in the soil and remain there for several decades poisoning more and more generations of inhabitants. A powerful and lasting confrontation between the environmental front and metallurgy can lead to a real war between nature conservationists and large mining corporations.

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