7 January 2014

Zinc - for teenage skin

Scientists concluded that skin problems in adolescents are often associated with a lack of zinc in their body. The discovery was made after the tests, which involved 64 volunteers with acne on the face and body. The age of participants is from 13 to 25 years. To conduct tests, teenagers and young people were divided into four groups. One of the groups of people was given 45 milligrams of zinc 3 times a day. The second group received a placebo. The third group of subjects took twice a day for 200 thousand units of vitamin A. The fourth group received both zinc and vitamin A.

A month later, 65 percent of the participants in the first group, a quarter of people from the second group and the overwhelming majority of participants from the fourth group got rid of acne. Only slightly improved the condition of the skin in adolescents and young people from the third group. Therefore, experts concluded that zinc helps in the treatment of even chronic skin diseases.

Zinc - an important trace element, which is necessary for the operation of all cells of the human body. In total, the body should contain between two and three grams of zinc. Especially a lot of this substance in the skin, in the hair, in the retina of the eye, and in the kidney and liver, as well as in the prostate gland in men. Thanks to zinc, such functions of the body as metabolism in cells, their formation and growth are provided. Also, in the presence of this trace element protein is synthesized, the wounds heal, the immunity is activated. Zinc improves memory, assimilates fats and carbohydrates. It is useful to take zinc to increase the sense of smell and vision, as well as the normal functioning of the genitals.

The organism receives the most zinc from food. Its normal number is from ten to twenty milligrams per day. Products that contain zinc are mushrooms, bran, beef, pork, rabbit and chicken, beef liver, offal, fish, nuts, brewer's yeast, onions and garlic, and dairy products. There is little zinc in fruits and vegetables, so vegetarians may suffer from a lack of zinc. Continued abuse of sweets or salty foods can provoke a zinc deficiency. Prevents the absorption of zinc hormones and calcium. Care must be taken that with the use of preparations containing zinc, its overdose is also harmful. Excess zinc can lead, for example, to poor absorption of copper.

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