31 December 2013

Nickel production on a global scale: demand exceeds supply

When production can not work in a normal mode due to a lack of raw materials, this can negatively affect many important factors in its livelihood. However, in recent years, in various branches of metallurgy, the opposite situation has been observed: the production of metal far exceeds the volumes that are required for enterprises for various needs and needs. Thus, the global statistics indicate that the producers of refined nickel not only could meet the demand, but also made it to exceed it.

According to competent sources who analyzed the situation on the world market of nickel production and consumption, the situation for the period from the first to the tenth months of this year was as follows: the producers of refined nickel could reach record levels. In comparison with demand, the supply is more for almost one and a half hundred thousand tons, which even on the scale of all countries in the nickel requiring the nickel is quite impressive. And this is only preliminary data, promulgated by the experts of the International Group for the Study of Nickel. These same experts argue that a deeper study of the situation on the world market can show other results, and the gap between supply and demand in this case will be even greater.

According to the same research group, the situation that developed this year did not come as a surprise. Already last year, the production of refined nickel exceeded the required volumes, and soundly impressive figures - about 70 thousand tons of surplus. Nevertheless, the enterprises for the production of this metal, apparently, did not draw any conclusions, and as a result of this the level of the surplus increased almost two and a half times this year.

In just ten months of 2013, around 1.609 million tons of refined nickel were produced in the world, although consumption remained at the level of the previous year and amounted to almost 150,000 tons less. It remains to add that the data for the statistics were provided by independent experts from Portugal. The research team includes representatives from all countries involved in the production, consumption or sale of this metal.

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