21 January 2014

Sayanogorsk aluminum plant: production is growing

2013 for Sayanogorskoy AZ Rusal was held under the slogan "We will catch up and overtake". Indeed, the production of alloys in the company in the first half of the year increased by 7%, which amounted to 258.9 thousand tons, and this is a really record figure, as the press service of the SAZ reported. The volume of production increases due to the modernization of the foundry of the plant, as well as through the use of new modern equipment. Investments of the company for these purposes are not much, not many - 300 million rubles.

It can be stated that at the moment the Sayanogorsk Aluminum Plant has reached a record level of alloys production, which makes 81.3 percent of the total number of products produced. The plans for the future include the complete transition of SAZ to the production of these alloys.

Anton Savchenko, who is the managing director of Sayanogorsk production, says that metallurgists of the plant compensate for electricity costs and tariff increases for it, as well as increase in prices for raw materials by reducing costs and increasing the volume of produced alloys and their assortment. The main goal of the SAZ leaders is the conclusion of the enterprise on a 100% production of alloys.

In 2011, the development of a new project to modernize the production of electrodes began, in accordance with which the Sayanogorsk Aluminum Plant switched to the manufacture of a completely new modification of anodes having two longitudinal grooves. The new design allows you to reduce the cost of manufacturing aluminum. The funds invested in the project amounted to about 10 million USD, the completion of the project is planned for this year.

The company's specialists have created a project that allows you to make grooves in the anode blocks that have already been fired. Such slots enable rapid gas discharge to the surface, which facilitates the flow of current to the anode. The project is evaluated, the experts have developed the relevant documentation. An agreement has also been concluded for the supply of grooving equipment. In 2014, new equipment will be installed.

Anton Savchenko is sure that the anodes of the new modification will give the Sayanogorsk plant an excellent opportunity to increase the volume of aluminum produced at a much lower cost of electricity, which is very important, given the high cost of metal and the tendency to increase tariffs for electricity. Speaking of figures, when using an anode having two longitudinal grooves, the electric power consumption for smelting a ton of aluminum is reduced by 50-160 kWh.

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