17 February 2014

Growth of aluminum spot awards in Japan

A durable and lightweight material called aluminum with high strength characteristics and considerable resistance to corrosion damage has long and firmly entered our everyday life. Such raw material is very popular due to the search for new and new spheres of its application. Today, the main consumers of the unique metal are not only aviation, but also the machine-building complex, the electrotechnical sphere and the automobile industry. Aluminum filler is also often used in the production of special steels or alloys with increased performance. Recently, the aluminum industry foretold a fairly large and bright future. After all, the constant development of the aviation industry, the production of new cars incorporating various structural parts from light and durable raw materials can not but affect the increase in demand for primary silver material. As you know, the increased demand makes it possible to expand the supply of more demanded goods and provokes a rise in prices for current products.

At the beginning of the new year, groups of analysts in the field of metal goods noted a significant increase in spot aluminum premiums in Japan. Today, in the ports of a powerful eastern power, such awards have exceeded their record mark of three hundred US dollars. And this increase in material incentive occurred after the preliminary growth of a similar indicator in the West. The final value of the premium may vary slightly depending on the volume of the transaction. Traders basically try not to operate with deliveries of less than one thousand tons of structural and technological material. On average, the quantities vary from two hundred to three hundred tons, although there are also larger shipments. The most important feature of this system is the fact that, despite the increase in the spot premium, the cost of material for the consumer does not increase. Therefore, for the final buyer, aluminum raw materials remain as affordable as they were before. In general, the development of aluminum production is now considered quite promising and promising direction. Therefore, many recognized giants in this area are in no hurry to turn off their production capacity, even with some fluctuations in metal prices on the stock exchange.

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