19 February 2014

Lead protection against eye diseases

For most of us, the name lead is associated with a fairly strong negative impact on human health. After all, in general, the opinion of a part of a given chemical is poisonous enough. However, there is also an opposite point of view, which has many centuries and dates back to the healers and healers of Ancient Egypt. As you know, the Egyptians even at the time of the power of the pharaohs possessed a sufficiently developed civilization, were interested in medicine, mathematics and astrology. The great experience of this people, contributed to the treasury of universal knowledge is simply priceless. In addition to culture and sciences in this state, in ancient times, cosmetology actively developed. Cosmetic products for the eyes were made with the addition of lead, which was considered not only an excellent coloring pigment, but also could improve human health, having a beneficial effect on the functioning of all vital systems. By the way, modern chemical research fully supports this point of view. If we consider the influence of a very small amount of such a poisonous substance on a separate skin cell, then it can be noted that lead does not poison the cell sample, but rather actively stimulates the production of special substances that activate the immune system.

So eye makeup, including at the time of application of the paint on the eye area of ​​the defense mechanisms, is able to prevent the entry and multiplication in the eye tissues of various bacteria and pathogens of infections. If you examine in detail the cosmetic products used by the beauties in Ancient Egypt, the presence of lead compounds can be found in almost every one of them. Most often, lead filling was represented by sulfides or salts. Many treatises of recognized scientists of the time give increased attention to the role of such cosmetics in curing various eye diseases. Modern researchers were very surprised to learn such treatises, because today only the lazy one does not talk about how toxic lead is. However, after additional research, a lead compound called "laurionite" was found in ancient cosmetics. This mineral helps to increase the production of nitric oxides in the skin, which really stimulates the activity of the immune system. The appearance of a large number of cells that can destroy bacteria allows you to quickly get rid of the bacterial threat.

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