4 March 2014

Aluminum for car bearings

Enchanting aluminum in the automotive industry has led to the active use of this material for the production of a wide variety of structural parts of vehicles. Along with light body parts and important technological units of the car on the basis of a durable structural material, bearings are manufactured. If a little earlier such mobile parts of the car were made of an alloy based on copper and lead or classic Babbit, now a professional or novice motorist has the opportunity to appreciate all the advantages of antifriction qualities of aluminum. By the way, an invariable constituent of the new bearing raw material is the inclusion of silicon and tin. Compared with older prototypes, this antifriction compound is more resistant to damage and has increased strength characteristics. According to its working parameters, aluminum does not in any way succumb to a babbitt or an alloy of tin and lead, and for a number of important properties will leave its predecessors far behind.

Anti-friction raw materials based on aluminum can withstand sufficiently high speed loads while the vehicle is moving. By the way, the absence of lead in the material is very important from the point of view of ecological safety. After all, the lead component can lead to poisoning of maintenance personnel during the repair or technical inspection of the car. Given such features, it is aluminum that is today the leader in the production of bearings. The high accuracy of manufacturing such a bearing assembly ensures its full compliance with the seat in the transport structure. To ensure high processability, the manufacturing parameters and the precise chemical composition of the aluminum alloy are precisely regulated by regulatory documents. Moreover, quality control and conformity of the product to the specified technological parameters occurs at each production limit during the entire process of manufacturing such a part.

High performance and significant resistance to corrosion damage of aluminum products have led to the use of an important alloy in many industries of modern industry. The scope of such products is expanding every day. This fact allows us to predict the constant growth of consumer demand for aluminum raw materials and a stable expansion of this type of production.

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