19 March 2014

"Rusal" took the second place after "Chalco"

As reported by "Rusal", which is a Russian monopoly in the field of aluminum, for the second year the place of the largest producer of this metal belongs to the Chinese corporation "Aluminum Corp of China Ltd" ("Chalco"). While Rusal itself, compared to 2012, last year reduced aluminum output by 7.4%, which is 3.818 million tons, the concern Chalco in 2013 produced 3.964 million tons of aluminum. This balance of power left the company "Rusal" in second place among the main producers in the crisis of the aluminum market. As Roman Andryushin, marketing director in Russian markets and CIS markets put it, at the international summit in Moscow, the company ranks second, given the high reduction in production volumes. As for the third place, it is firmly occupied by the company "Alcoa" with an indicator of 3.550 million tons.

It should be recalled that at the London Metal Exchange, the indicative value of aluminum is at a multi-year low, exceeding just a little the figure of 1,700 USD per ton. But according to the calculations of the Norwegian company for the production of aluminum, "Norsk Hydro", the shipping premiums increased sharply, making about 450 USD per tonne in the USA, and 350 USD per tonne in the EU.

Despite a number of many negative factors (a large number of previously created metal reserves, low cost in the world market, aluminum overproduction on a global scale), which gave impetus to the closure of many industries and a reduction in volumes, world consumption of aluminum is growing faster than other metals, and growth in The average is 6-7% per year, and its production is just as fast growing. So, last year the world smelting of aluminum amounted to 52 million tons, with at least 50% of the total belongs to China.

The Chinese corporation "Chalco" is able to provide high enough redistribution, maintaining a high level of exports - and this despite the unprofitable in many cases the structure of the cost of production. According to Andryushin, China supports the aluminum industry in many respects because of the undertaken social obligations, providing employment for the population, and this is the reason that has a noticeable effect on the slow decline in production, despite the fact that 50% of China's capacities are in a deplorable state.

And in this case, in 2013, shipments from Russia of primary aluminum decreased by 0.4%, which amounted to 3.401 thousand tonnes, and production itself decreased by 10.5% compared to 2012.

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