24 March 2014

Anniversary coin from nickel, copper and zinc

Such important strategic metals like nickel, copper or zinc have a lot of weight not only in the economic life of some countries or in the normal operation of the production complex. Such raw materials became quite in demand when issuing jubilee coins, which the employees of the national Ukrainian bank plan to please Odessa residents on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the hero city. Employees of the banking structure plan to issue two varieties of such coins. The material for the production of the first type of money mark will be high-quality silver of nine hundred and twenty-fifths. The second line will be a cheaper analogue of a commemorative anniversary sign. The material for its production will be an alloy of finely verified quantities of copper, nickel and zinc. The appearance of such coins will be quite similar, but the value equivalent promises to differ significantly. If the first type of a collector's moneymark in a silver version goes to the hands of well-known collectors, that's why a simple inhabitant can not see the original coin, then the second line is intended just for an ordinary Odessa citizen or a guest of a southern city. By the way, replication of this and other commemorative symbol is completely different, a silver product is planned to be produced in only three thousand copies, and a simpler and more accessible version will be produced in the amount of thirty thousand pieces.

The value and uniqueness of such a coin for collectors is explained by the fact that the coat of arms of Odessa will be depicted on the obverse of the banknote, which has never happened before. Therefore, numismatists are eagerly waiting for the end of production and release of the free sale of the anniversary coin. Given the relatively small print run, such a rarity promises to become a rarity and the prices for it will very quickly grow to such proportions that they will not even block the real value of the valuable product even approximately. The use of the image of the city on coins for the Ukrainian state is quite rare, so the interest in such an event is not limited only to the territorial borders of the country. Many foreign collectors also do not mind replenishing their collection with such a copy. After all, interest in the cultural values ​​and traditions of Ukraine has recently grown significantly, in the context of the entire world community.

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