8 April 2014

Copper and zinc for facade cladding

When decorating their homes, many people pay increased attention not only to the interior decoration of their living quarters, but also to the external decoration of at least the front part of the building. Therefore, a whole industry is working on the development of special finishing materials of this type in the modern world. Using this or that product, it's enough simply to completely change the style and image of your house from this category, giving it an individuality and uniqueness. Among the huge range of glass, natural chromium, steel and plastic, copper and zinc have recently been used extensively for the manufacture of various finishing units. Such materials are very in demand in the production of special wall panels. Such facade panel sections differ both in price and in geometric dimensions. Taking into account the peculiarities of the construction of the residential building, you can choose both long and narrow panels of the type-type, and ready-made blocks of huge sizes that easily block the whole floor of the multi-storey building. The main distinguishing feature of these products is the simplicity of their installation. Even an unprepared person can assemble a finished structure using standard locking joints on each panel or ordinary nails and screws.

It is also important to note the good resistance of materials with the presence of copper and zinc in the fracture. No cataclysms, like rainy weather, snow drifts and high humidity or other physical factors, newfangled finish will not cause significant damage. Moreover, a good thermal conductivity of copper is an additional advantage in regulating the climate regime, inside a dwelling or office space. The use of finishing materials of this type is particularly in demand not only in the construction of new structures or houses. With the help of panels for the facade, you can upgrade the old building and give it a second youth. By the way, it is the unique properties of copper that determine the durability and reliable operation of such panels in any climatic conditions. The good stability of copper material to significant temperature differences has made it possible to use it in various areas. In addition to high performance, copper and its products, as well as galvanized surfaces have a very attractive appearance, so it is widely used not only outside the building, but also as an original element of interior design.

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