7 April 2014

Copper, nickel and lead for the manufacture of "Oscar"

Some non-ferrous metals have found their application not only in industry and everyday life, they are very actively used for making memorable signs and even international cups. So for the manufacture of the world-famous statuette called "Oscar", for which the most eminent actors and cinema figures compete for the world, copper, nickel and lead are needed. This statuette is a knight who holds a sword in his hands and stands on a skein of a film made of black marble. For the production of such a knight, several alloys are used, and the manufacturing procedure itself consists of five separate stages. First of all, the master needs to cast a base from a special composition based on tin and lead, then the finished dummy is covered with a thin layer of copper, and even later, a nickel coating is applied to the surface of the knight. At the end of the manufacturing procedure, the symbol of victories in the art of cinema is covered with silver film and a thin layer of gold. This technology provides sufficient strength of the original commemorative symbol and gives the knight on the guard of the cinema a very elegant and attractive appearance. By the way, the cost of this statuette is not too great, all the cost of making one buggy is about five hundred dollars. However, the deep meaning that is invested in this symbol allows the owner to sell it at a cost many times higher than the nominal value. According to some studies, the market price of the Oscar exceeds several hundred thousand US dollars. However, an indispensable condition for auction auctions in this area is the establishment of an initial price for a similar lot of one US dollar.

As a rule, such memorable signs are made in advance in excess. After all, until the last moment the final number of winners is not disclosed, so it is difficult to guess how many knights will find their masters at the next solemn event. The remaining copies remain in a special repository until the next time. It is worth noting that the tablets for figurines are also made in advance and include the names of all the nominees for the corresponding award. However, the presence of a tablet with a name does not always guarantee the presentation of a prestigious movie knight to this or that artist. A beautiful and refined statuette named "Oscar" today, is rightfully considered one of the most prestigious awards for all representatives of the film league.

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