30 April 2014

A lot of aluminum and wood in the new brand of stylish car

Style and perfection of the car is concluded not only in its elegant and enchanting appearance. Often the consumer, as well as external features, are interested in the reliability and durability of the work of his faithful four-wheeled horse. Therefore, modern automotive manufacturers pay equal attention to both the design features of the car and its appearance. Particular attention in this perspective deserves a new brainchild of BMW named "9-Series". In the very near future, interested persons will be presented with a trial copy of the machine, and a full-scale serial model will find its buyer by the end of 2016. By the way, the manufacturer plans to present the serial model of the car to the public at a car showroom in Beijing. Today, the new brainchild of the famous automobile concern of Bavarian origin for luxury and comfort has left, behind, all other similar models. In the salon designers plan to use a lot of aluminum and natural expensive wood. If the wooden parts are able to give the interior of the car a particularly elegant and elegant appearance, then aluminum in addition to the appearance has a very definite constructive role. After all, the knots and moving parts of the base of the machine, made from such a strong, but at the same time lightweight material, reduce the weight of the entire structure and make the ride more economical from a financial point of view. Also, it is the aluminum parts that ensure the duration of the maintenance-free operation due to the active resistance to wear and corrosion damage. According to preliminary development of the BMW design department, the foundation of the new product will be GranLusso, which will give the car a low roof and a slightly elongated knee base. Powerful engine, more than five hundred forty horsepower, will allow the car to develop a good speed, and a well-designed security system will ensure maximum comfort of movement, both to the driver and his passengers. Despite the great possibilities as a sports car, thanks to a comfortable cabin and a chic exterior look, this model will soon become a symbol of prestige, rather than a means of generating an additional portion of adrenaline. By the way, by 2017, BMW plans to release one more SUV novelty, with an aluminum base in the cut of important units and connections.

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