29 April 2014

Natural wealth of the Russian Federation

Immense Mother Russia is rich not only with human resources, but also with natural resources. Due to the huge territorial massifs, there is practically everything from coal and precious metals to nickel, tin, titanium and many other strategically important materials, not only in terms of the state, but also in the context of the full functioning of the entire world economy. Moreover, active development of valuable deposits makes it possible to extract from the bowels of the earth not only fossils located in the subsurface layer, but also to obtain valuable materials located deep enough in the thickest crust.

In the light of the global economic crisis, in which more and more countries of the world community have recently been drawn in, Russia has developed the right course for the nationalization of important industrial sectors. Now the majority of metallurgical companies and well-known giants in the extraction of non-ferrous metals are developing with full support and financing of public funds. An example of this was several projects to develop new titanium deposits. Titanium in modern society is not only an important technological and structural basis for the development of various industrial compartments. Titanium semi-finished products can be called without exaggeration a fundamental strategic raw material. After all, on the basis of a strong and resistant to destruction of unique raw materials, shipbuilding, aviation, rocketry and shipbuilding are actively transformed. It is the titanium that can be called the strategic reserve, which guarantees the country's defense capability. Since this material is actively used in the creation of military equipment of a new generation. Such powerful state support allows maintaining the stability of the situation in the metallurgical market and providing the country's population with work and decent pay for work. And the development of the Russian metallurgical complex in recent years continues exponentially, leaving behind some countries of the European Union. Thanks to the close cooperation with the east, and in particular with China, RF obtained access to most of the modern innovative technologies of economical mining, characterized by minimization of the share of waste. And the Chinese direction is now the bridgehead that will build a powerful and self-sufficient power of the future on the working platform of modern Russia.

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