22 April 2014

Lead Protection from Radiation

Despite the high toxicity of some lead compounds in some cases, this raw material can protect the human body from a very terrible and insidious enemy called "radiation." It is the natural properties of the lead material that does not allow the passage of harmful radiation of a radiation character, have become the basis for a new development of the scientific department of the company Stemrad located in Israel. A protective belt made by employees of this brand is able to reliably protect a fragile human body, even from the most dangerous gamma radiation. A similar device is intended primarily for rescue teams, which are the first to experience the consequences of various man-made disasters and a nuclear threat, among other things. In fact, the new protective device resembles a belt consisting of lead and some other auxiliary materials. The device is mounted in such a way that the pelvic part of the skeleton is protected to the greatest degree by radiation. Such a choice is not accidental, in the pelvic region, the processes aimed at the regeneration of bone marrow tissues originate. Despite the fact that the outwardly similar belt is not too different from any other, if you look closer at the device, the first feeling is quickly replaced by surprise. After all, the structure of the waist fabric is three-dimensional and has no analogues in the world. In addition, the main goal of the developer was not only the optimal protection of a person from radiation effects, but also the maximum simplification of the device design in order to ensure its ease of use. The weight of the protective device from Stemrad is only fifteen kilograms, so the device does not restrict freedom of movement and can be used for a variety of purposes. By the way, apart from the waist protection, Israeli scientists have developed a full suit to protect against radiation exposure of all internal organs. However, a significant drawback of this creation is its enormous weight, an additional burden of two hundred kilograms even in the case of a direct nuclear threat can not be carried on its shoulders by every ordinary citizen. The maximum protective capacity of a lead waist device is limited to a dose of about a thousand radians. By the way, it is the preservation of bone marrow, according to many scientists, is of prime importance for the survival of a human being after large doses of radiation.

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