23 April 2014

Titanium prosthesis for the famous poet

The high performance characteristics of titanium and its absolute environmental safety fully explain the active use of the material not only in the industrial complex, but also in everyday life or medicine. Even the fashion for piercing has not been able to resist the good survival in the human body of titanium implants. However, most often in the medical compartment, titanium is used as an organic and strong raw material for the manufacture of various prostheses replacing the worn out parts of the musculoskeletal system. Recently, in the US state of Oklahoma, the team of a hospital located in Tulsa, known since Soviet times, the poet conducted a series of successful operations and replaced the amputated right leg with a titanium prosthesis. The history of the disease known and respected by many people poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko last long enough. The onset of impaired functioning of the locomotor system was predetermined by the ankle joint disease. After unsuccessful attempts to stop the ailment by therapeutic methods, a series of surgical procedures came and several years ago the problematic ankle was replaced with an artificial analogue, however this solution did not remove the problem. The disease continued to progress, the inflamed focus grew, infecting the undeveloped areas. This tendency predetermined the further development of events, which ended in amputation of the right lower extremity of the poet. The replacement of the lost leg was served by a titanium prosthesis, to which Yevgeny Yevtushenko is currently getting used. Despite the restriction of the freedom of independent movement, immediately after the operation, he sings, he has already returned to his favorite work and cheerfulness does not lose. According to the forecasts of physicians, the entire process of complete restoration and adaptation of the patient to a new titanium limb can take quite a long time. However, rejection is unlikely, because titanium excels in the human body and does not cause allergic reactions. Throughout his illness and a difficult period of rehabilitation, Eugene was selflessly supported by his wife, whose care helped him to survive all medical procedures to a known patient with the least loss. The sphere of prosthetics is another fairly extensive branch of the use of titanium raw materials, which promises to develop and strengthen over time.

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