7 May 2014

Increased zinc content is hazardous to health

The presence of a sufficient amount of zinc in the female body is a guarantee of beauty and attractiveness of the beautiful lady, because this unique mineral contributes to the harmonious functioning of the female body. However, the overabundance of this component has the opposite effect, and can provoke serious violations. Thus, the increase in zinc content is directly related to the copper balance. It is the amount of such a mineral fraction that is directly related to the ability of our systems to absorb copper. Incidentally, studies in this area have shown that in this context, the most often exposed female half of humanity is mature age, which uses dentures. It is very simple to explain such a feature, most of the fixing solutions and organic adhesives intended for fixing the denture contain a high concentration of a microelement useful in small doses. Therefore, even a slight increase in the adhesive recommended by the instruction, with the regular use of the prosthetic device will lead to an imminent increase in the level of zinc in the female body. Typically, the gel for fixation should be used pointwise, however, over time, as practice shows, many users involuntarily increase the dose. After all, the shape of the jaw plane changes with age, and so that the prosthesis is securely fixed in the place intended for it, the consumption of the fixing composition increases. First of all, zinc overdose is indicated by pain in the abdomen and digestive system disorders, such as nausea or diarrhea. In addition, a deterioration in the absorption of copper, concomitant with zinc overdose may lead to an increase in the fragility of bones or the destruction of tooth enamel. Also, these disorders provoke the development of brittle nails and hair loss. It should be noted that increased zinc filling is not always associated with dentures, because a large amount of an ambiguous mineral is contained in food. Excessive presence in the daily menu of red meat, dishes from the liver or seafood, along with nuts, beans, milk and eggs can also have a negative impact on health. Reduce the danger and minimize the risks can only observe a harmonious balance in the use of similar products.

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