9 June 2014

Automotive has become a springboard for the growth of secondary aluminum sales

In contrast to the decline in activity in some compartments of the non-ferrous metals market, aluminum stability is undoubted today. The industrial giants for the production of aluminum proved to be in a rather favorable position even in the conditions of a deep economic crisis that affected many redistributions of European industry. After all, aluminum not only constantly grows in price, but also systematically expands its sphere of influence on some spheres of the national economy that are not characteristic of it. One of the relatively new bridgeheads for the use of light, but lasting silvery metal was the automotive industry. If the original replacement of the classic steel parts of the inner filling of the car with aluminum analogs was an exception to the rules, today many leading concerns of this type put such innovation on the flow. Indeed, the application of a modern approach to the design of vehicles can not only reduce the weight of the machine, but also increase its speed potential, and also increase the service life. And now some well-known automotive companies use the car not only for production of working systems and driving units of the machine, but also during manufacturing of the hull part. In such conditions, the growth of the automotive industry has recently become a good foundation for increasing the sales of secondary aluminum. Moreover, the conclusion of contracts for the supply of important material is not a random one, but a systematic one on a quarterly basis. To date, the signing of contracts for the supply of semi-finished products from lightweight durable metal for the needs of the automobile complex for the entire third quarter has already been completed. The leader of aluminum production in Britain, specializing in the production of cast semi-finished products, is confident in the record volumes of deliveries of its goods in the next few months. By the way, during the growth of crisis processes in virtually all sectors of the economy, the car industry on the contrary demonstrated continuous development and capacity building. This year, the performance of enterprises in this industry surprised many sophisticated analysts. This trend did not fail to positively affect the development of the aluminum complex and provoked an additional build-up of production capacities for many aluminum giants.

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