10 June 2014

Increase the environmental awareness of tin extractors with the help of Microsoft

The extraction of non-ferrous metals and the production of various necessary alloys from them, because of the complexity of the process, is usually associated with a high risk to the environment. Therefore, compliance with environmental safety standards and the application of all necessary precautions in this context is very important and necessary. A particularly high level of danger to the environment is the smelting industry. The Indonesian authorities have developed a special state program to preserve the country's natural wealth and reduce the negative impact on the nature of the industrial complex. For the implementation of this program, experts from the well-known international company promoting Microsoft's computer technologies were involved in full. This company took an active part in informing industrial giants about the urgent need to responsibly approach the preservation of the ecological space for future generations. In addition to industrial giants, many trade companies and government officials participated in this action. The information received on the computer network was introduced into the life of enterprises of various activities, both in the form of momentary events, and in the form of long-term programs for the complete re-equipment of some production compartments with the introduction of more environmentally friendly equipment and technology. First and foremost, Microsoft experts launched an information petition in the network that called for all enterprises involved in the extraction of tin and Indonesian officials directly involved in the control of the hazardous activity to pay attention to the high level of responsibility for the extraction of tin raw materials in the island region of the country under the name of the Bank- Belitung. By the way, such a petition was prepared in support of the appeal to the Indonesian ruling echelon of another environmental group called Friends of the Earth. The office of such an environmental society is located in the Netherlands and this organization has long called on the world community to pay attention to irresponsible and criminal treatment of the unique island flora and fauna of industrialists from the Indonesian tin compartment.

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