1 July 2014

Aluminum: world smelting continues to grow

According to data provided by the International Aluminum Institute, in May this year the world production of light metal increased by 114 thousand tons compared to the same period last year, amounting to 3.991 million tons. Last year, this volume was 3.877 million tons, compared to April, the May world aluminum output increased by 76 thousand tons. Earlier, Bernstein Research specialists suggested that in the current year metal deficiency is inevitable despite the previous seven years of surplus. Analysts hope to restore the sector, considering the not decreasing increase in demand for metal, coupled with the decreasing melting capacities, which affect the supply downward. Also, experts are confident in a certain space of movement for the world market until the moment when profit from aluminum production becomes possible. However, at the moment, most of the metal producing enterprises are at the zero profit level, despite the cost of products exceeding the level of 1850 USD per ton.

In the meantime, the foundry unit No. 5 of the Krasnoyarsk Aluminum Smelter, owned by Rusal, in May was able to produce a record amount of aluminum for the entire period of operation, amounting to 10,626 tons. Krasnoyarsk enterprise is the only Russian factory that produces ingots of aluminum of double length - 11.5 meters - and used for making foil.

Such high indicators became possible due to the implementation of the project aimed at improving the quality of products and increasing the volume of goods with added value. At the same time, one should not underestimate the influence of the human factor - the record became possible due to the bestowal of the entire collective of the enterprise. The threshold of 10 thousand tons was overcome in April of this year, next month the result was fixed and surpassed. According to Dmitry Reshetnikov, the director of the foundry, to improve the work, actions were taken to standardize the processes, as a result of which standard 3-4 day-old meltings increased to 5 stable ones. At the same time, high quality of products was preserved: in May, there was no single case of marriage. At the same time, the range of products is expanding, allowing to find new markets for marketing and increasing the competitiveness of the Krasnoyarsk Aluminum Smelter.

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