11 August 2015

KUZOTSM started production of new products

KUZOTSM started to produce new types of products. For a 6-month period, from January to June, the production of wire rods made of alloy МС0,03 started. Its diameter is 20 mm, production is carried out on the complex UPCAST ​​OY. Also, the production of bars made of copper oxygen-free on the Conform line was developed. KUZOTSM continues to develop production, introducing new technologies. At the same time, the existing ones are being improved. New methods of working on installed equipment are being mastered. For the first time experts of the plant applied the technology of casting ingots from brass alloy CW602N. The process was carried out on a semi-continuous casting plant. Also, the alloy CW612N is used in the operation of the melting and casting complex Calamari.

The equipment has undergone a number of modifications. The casting machine of semi-continuous casting is equipped with a breaker of the translational movement of the products. This creates the possibility of step-by-step extraction of ingots from molds. With the use of this technology, the surface of the product was improved in the manufacture of complex- alloyed brass . The technology of purification of brass melt from an impurity of silicon and aluminum is also mastered and applied. As a rule, they enter the melt, entering the purchased scrap. Another achievement of the plant is the stabilization of the M1E ingot production technology in relation to the "conductivity" index.

The modernization processes have affected the cutting unit of the NAD-50 drawing mill. After the modification, it became possible to cut profiles and tires with a minimum tolerance of 0.3 mm. Improvement of technological processes led to a reduction in labor intensity. In particular, when manufacturing goods from copper-nickel alloys CuNi30 and CuNi10. Also, labor intensity was reduced in the production of semi-solid tires, made of copper oxygen-free. The process of production of a rectangular wire made of nickel based NiCr2MnSi material has been improved. Another innovation was introduced in shop number 5. Experts optimized the technology of powder and powder production from aluminum, bronze powders. At the same time, the output of the good increased by approximately 0.6%.

As representatives of the enterprise state, in the conditions of crisis it is necessary to adhere to the correct strategy. And the basic strategy of KUZOCM includes improving the quality of the products. This includes the creation of new products and the expansion of exports.

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