26 August 2015

Sleeves made of bronze alloys

Speaking of bronze , we mean alloys, which are based on copper . The basic alloying elements are tin , iron, lead and aluminum. Alloys can be with the obligatory inclusion of tin and tinless. Bronze alloys provide products with high strength and ductility. In addition, they are resistant to corrosion and have good thermal conductivity. Bronze bushings exhibit antifriction properties. As a result, the operating life of the rubbing mechanisms increases, taking into account:

- Low coefficient of friction;

- High ability to retain lubricant;

- Workability to the articulated part.

The main function of bronze bushings is to protect the mechanism shaft from wear. In this case, the bushings themselves are subjected to minimal wear. The products demonstrated high resistance to high temperatures, pressure and humidity. The length of manufactured products is up to 800 mm, diameter from 30 to 1000 mm. The weight of the sleeves can reach 1200 kg. Various types of casting methods are used in production. In the production process, earthen molds, centrifugal casting and metal molds (in chill molds) can be used.

Using the methods listed above, it is possible to obtain bearing, adapter, adapter, and other types. Exclusive execution is also provided at the offer of the customer. One of the most popular types of bushings is a plain bearing. When they are manufactured, a mechanical treatment is involved, which helps to ensure an ideally smooth surface.

Tin bronzes are better than other non-ferrous metals exhibit antifriction properties. Tin foundry bronzes of BrOTSS GOST 613-79 are distinguished by good workability. They are widely used in the production of bearings of mechanisms operating at high speeds with constant load. These include generators, turbines, compressors, centrifugal pumps and electric motors.

The cost of tinless bronze GOST 493-54 is lower than the cost of bronze alloys with the inclusion of tin, lead, zinc . In this case, some brands outperform tin bronzes in mechanical strength. Aluminum cast bronze with the content of iron BRAZH, improving their performance properties, is alloyed with lead and manganese. They are used for the manufacture of sliding bearings. They are manned with conveyors, reducers, rolling mills and metal-cutting machines.

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