15 September 2015

Nickel: application in copper-nickel alloys

In the metallurgical sector, most nickel is used to produce a variety of alloys. There are over 3,000 alloys including nickel . In general, nickel interacts in alloys with cobalt and iron. In structural steels, nickel acts as a doping element. The same applies to magnetic and non-magnetic alloys, heat-resistant, stainless steels. Widely distributed nickel alloys in combination with molybdenum , titanium , chromium , beryllium , aluminum. Alloys of great importance include platinum, nickel, nichrome. A nickel alloy is called an alloy of chromium and nickel . It has an increased electrical resistance. The field of application of metal is the production of heating devices of various types and rheostats.

A significant part are alloys on a copper base, where nickel is the base alloying element. They are bronze , brass , nickel silver , nickel silver .

When adding nickel to copper, its electrical resistivity and strength increase significantly. Increases corrosion resistance. Copper alloys with the addition of nickel are perfectly processed by pressure, both hot and cold. They are suitable for the production of wire, tapes, sheets, pipes, bars, stamping products. These alloys are subdivided into two types - electrical and structural. A feature of structural alloys - nickel silver , nickel silver - high resistance to corrosion and a silvery shade of the surface.

Melchior is a single-phase alloy. Particularly valuable property is high resistance to corrosion in air and water, both fresh and marine. The nickel content in the alloy is increased. It is he who together with manganese and iron provides this property. Neusilber besides copper and 5-35% of nickel includes 13-45% of zinc. The alloy color is white. The tide may be bluish or greenish. Metal well resists corrosion and is quite expensive.

Copper-nickel electrotechnical compositions have high electrical resistance and thermo-emf in conjunction with other metals. The field of application is the production of thermocouples, resistors and rheostats. This species includes copulas, constantan, and other alloys. Copper-nickel alloys are widely used in shipbuilding, electrical engineering. They are used in the manufacture of dishes, use in pyrometry and medical sector. Aesthetic external characteristics allow the use of the composition in the production of art products of mass use.

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