16 September 2015

In the Sverdlovsk region will develop a titanium cluster

According to the information received from the press service of the government of the Sverdlovsk region, the development of a titanium cluster is planned in the region. Its formation began in 2006. The basis was the interaction of the VSMPO-Avisma Corporation and the Research Center for the Development of Titanium Alloys. The implementation of the integrated investment project will be implemented through budgetary financing. For this purpose, the federal budget allocated 34.1 million rubles.

Representatives of the Ministry of Industry and Science in the Sverdlovsk region gave explanations about federal subsidies. Part of the allocated funds - 1.8 million RUB - will go for training, retraining and advanced training. The remaining funds - 35.2 million RUB - are planned to be spent on the creation of an engineering center for manufacturing advanced technologies. For the same money will be purchased equipment for the Center for Testing and Certification of Materials. This year, from the regional budget for the implementation of the program to support the expansion of the titanium cluster is allocated 30 million RUB.

Titanium cluster to use the subsidy is not the first time. In 2014, the program for the development of innovative pilot territorial clusters received 19.7 million rubles. These funds were allocated from the federal budget. Also an important factor is the development of the Titan Valley economic zone. It ensures the creation of a titanium cluster in the Sverdlovsk Region. At the territory of the "Valley" to date, registered seven residents. VSMPO-New Technologies serves as an anchor resident. Today he has already completed the construction of load-bearing structures of the shop building. In plans - the completion by October of the device of the thermal circuit. For the same period, the end of the laying of the external main engineering networks was assigned. The volumes of the financing already made by the resident exceeded 400 million RUB.

In addition to forming a titanium cluster, VSMPO-Avisma entered into an agreement with Avic Aircraft from China. Long-term agreement stipulates the supply of titanium semi- finished products. They are produced by the Russian titanium corporation. The agreement is valid for 5 years. The end date is December 2019. The use of products is provided for the Chinese national civil aviation programs. Avisma products will be delivered through its subsidiary structure VSMPO-Tirus (Beijing) Metallic Materials.

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