5 December 2015

With the Day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine 2015

Every year for more than two decades Ukraine on December 06 marks the Day of the Armed Forces. This is a national military holiday, established by the Verkhovna Rada of the country. The date was dated to the day of signing the Law "On the Armed Forces of Ukraine". This date is a holiday of courage and courage, valor and courage.

The collapse of the Soviet Union was the impetus for the formation of independent independent states. 15 newly-formed countries, former sister republics, parted fairly peacefully. However, any state has always been and will need a reliable army that protects the tranquility of borders and maintains internal order. And Ukraine did not become an exception. In 1991, on December 6, a decree was signed on the formation of the Ukrainian army. In addition to signing the decree, certain normative acts were considered. Their signing was intended to regulate the military industry. Today we can say that Ukraine is one of the leaders in the former Soviet Union countries in terms of military power.

And at the same time Ukraine is not a nuclear power, although by the time of the collapse of the USSR the mill had advanced Soviet weapons. It included nuclear weapons. However, after the country became an independent power, America and Europe raised the issue of gradual disarmament. The program began to be implemented after signing the required documents. On June 1, 1996, Ukraine declared its final nuclear disarmament. In response, the remaining parties to the agreement signed a treaty on the integrity of the Ukrainian state.

Today, the Ukrainian army includes land forces, the navy and air forces. The infantry is the most numerous sector. It includes tank groupings, missile forces and landing.

On this day solemn congratulatory speeches are pronounced. In cities, solemnly lay flowers and wreaths on the graves of dead soldiers performing their duty. In Kiev - in the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra - the Divine Liturgy is held. And, of course, in the evening the bright unforgettable salute finishes the holiday.

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