24 January 2016

The American industry has improved capacity utilization figures

Representatives of AISI provided data on capacity utilization for 14 days in January 2016. In accordance with them, the average level was 65.3%. At the end of 2015, the result was less than 63%. Relative to the same period a year ago, steel output fell by 13.4%. At the same time, the indicator is better today than the metallurgical sector demonstrated earlier.

As reported by AISI, for the 11-month period of 2015, exports by US companies have decreased. Volumes reached the level of about 72.55 million tons. This figure is lower than the result of 2014 by 11.4%. November indicators of 2015 relative to the same period of 2014 fell by 15.5%. Over the 11-month period, US exports fell 16.8%. The comparison was conducted with the same period of 2014. Deliveries were mainly made to Mexico and Canada.

Some support metallurgists received in connection with the narrowing of imports of products. According to data from AISI, last year foreign shipments to the US reached 35.2 million tons. At the same time, 28.5 million tons were made of pipes and finished rolled products. Compared to 2014, the indicators are lower by 7% and 12%, respectively. The share of US market imports was 29% by the results of 2015.

The decline of the American steel market, according to experts, was observed against the background of a fall in the cost of oil. It should also take into account the decline in investment in the oil sector. National statistics provide the latest available data, dated 2013. In accordance with them, oil companies purchased pipes and equipment worth about 200 billion USD. At the same time about 13% of investments were received for the extraction of gas, oil and other sectors. In 2015, investments in the metallurgical sector declined by more than 20%. This step has had a very negative impact on the American pipe, service, transport companies. Suffered and equipment manufacturers. Apparently, in 2016 the decline in the oil and gas sector will continue. Thus, the narrowing of domestic consumption of steel products will continue.

2015 was not an easy year for the global economy. The cost of oil fell to just above USD 35 / bbl. Since 2004 this is the lowest mark. Approximately the same cost per ton reached the iron ore. For her, this is the minimum mark since 2005. In December 2015, for the first time, the average rental price did not fall relative to November. However, further market growth is still in question.

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