9 February 2016

Use of copper-plated wire for welding products

Copper-plated wire is widely used for welding. In this case, the type of steel does not matter. The seam when working with this material is of high quality. The coating of the wire is made of copper alloys. Its thickness does not exceed 6 microns, which provides a tight contact when working with products. What is the advantage of using copper plated wire? The welding process itself becomes easier. Plus, the seam itself has an increased resistance to a temperature drop. It also acquires good resistance to mechanical stress. The seam does not suffer at elevated temperatures. Increases and resistance to rupture.

Using copper-clad wire avoids multiple splashes. At the same time there is a saving of materials. A top-notch specialist can reduce wire consumption by about 40%. The quality of the seam does not suffer under these conditions. Copper wire is used in the manufacture of pipelines. It is also used in the production of containers for storing liquid under pressure. Wire of this type is used in sectors that manufacture multiple modes of transport.

How is this wire made? The least complicated method involves applying a copper layer of the desired thickness to the steel substrate. Method of application is galvanic. The quality of the received material must comply with GOST 2246-70 . If we consider the production step by step, then the initial billet is fed to a special unit. It is butt welding and drawing. The output is a multi-meter tape. It is sent to the molding device to give it a circular cross-section. By means of a drawing mill, the cross-sectional area is corrected. The most often produced wire with a diameter of 0.8 to 1.6 mm. Then the wire is sent to the winding device to distribute it along the coils. The meter is set by the manufacturer.

How to determine how good the wire is? The first thing you should pay attention to when buying - the quality of winding. There should be no trace of lubricants and oxides. The winding should be smooth and dense. Storage conditions should be taken into account. Copper products do not like dampness. So to get a welding wire with a copper coating is preferable in the store. In contrast to market products, store goods are stored in the required conditions. The availability of a quality certificate is one of the mandatory conditions.

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