28 February 2016

The US is charging China with the next charges of dumping

Manufacturers of stainless steel in the US filed lawsuits in the Ministry of Commerce of the country. Also, petitions were sent to the International Trade Commission. The complaints were filed by AKSteelCorporation, OutokumpuStainlessUSA, ATIFlatRolledProducts and NorthAmericanStainless. Chinese manufacturers of cold-rolled and hot-rolled strips, sheet stainless steel were subjected to accusations of dumping . Also, suppliers from the PRC are accused of illegally receiving export subsidies. Representatives of companies claim that the dumping margin is 53.69-83.24% for deliveries. In 2015, the volume of Chinese supplies reached 133.5 thousand tons. From the total amount of imports, this is 31.8%. Concerning 2013, the import of Chinese stainless steel increased more than 2.3 times. For three years, China accounted for more than 80% of the increase in US imports of stainless sheet.

These are not the first complaints filed by metallurgical companies. National producers have already filed claims for anti-dumping duties. Considered a fairly voluminous range of products from stainless steel . The restrictions adopted in the 1990s are still valid today. Under them were Japanese, Taiwanese and South Korean suppliers. The decision to initiate a countervailing and anti-dumping investigation will be taken before the end of February. At the end of March, the International Trade Commission will determine the existence of material damage. The possibility of threatening damage to national producers will also be considered. In general, the investigation will take about a year. After that, the final fees will be determined.

The US Department of Commerce is already investigating the importation of the PRC heavy-gauge steel. The suit was filed by SSAB and Nucor in May last year. In accordance with it, Chinese manufacturers produce products with a minimum number of alloying components. Similarly, suppliers circumvent antidumping duties. They affect sheet steel, the thickness of which exceeds 4 mm. The width is up to 1250 mm. The tax does not apply only to certain types of goods. In December last year, the effect of duties, amounting to 128.59%, was extended. As history shows, microalloying has been used by the PRC for a long time. For quite a long time, manufacturers sent rolling with a boron content of less than 0.001%. This was a partial VAT coverage. In 2014, the loophole was closed. However, now, metallurgists of the People's Republic of China have minimized the added share of chromium.

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