8 March 2016

With the international day of March 8, 2016

In the first days of March, in accordance with the long-established tradition, men congratulate women on a women's holiday. And this is not surprising. In the end, men have their own memorable date, as, indeed, in many professions. Women's holiday has long lost its original meaning. Now it is perceived as an occasion to relax with the family, to show increased attention to wives, mothers, grandmothers ... And gifts are a very pleasant element of the holiday. Sit at the festive table, enjoying a spring afternoon, relax with friends. What could be nicer? Few people remember that it all began as a political event in 1857.

Then the textile workers of New York who went to the demonstration did not even think about any holidays. They wanted one thing - to be equal in rights with men. Work less, get more, and working conditions left much to be desired. This day received a loud name "March of empty pots". However, there is no official confirmation of the story - not that in 1908. The same city, almost the same requirements - women dreamed of participating in elections on a par with men. True, there were more than 15,000 people gathered.

Resonance was good - in 1909 in America confirmed the celebration of the first female day. The governments of the European countries decided not to lag behind. The official women's day was established in 1910 with the presentation of the famous Clara Zetkin. The idea was interesting. It was assumed that every year on the 8th of March the representatives of the weaker sex will organize protest actions. They had to inform the public about the existing problems. The demand for voting rights was supported not only in America. In 1917 it was joined by Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland.

However, the date was officially recognized only in 1921. The decision was made at the Second Communist Conference of Women. Finally, the political background of the holiday was forgotten in 1966. It was then that the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR appropriated the date a new name. Then, on March 8, it became a state holiday and gained the status of a weekend. And not only for the republics of the USSR. It began to be celebrated in Nepal, Laos, Angola, China, North Korea and other countries. In 1975, some of the UN member states joined the celebrating countries.

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