27 June 2016

Constitution Day of Ukraine 2016

There are holidays - Holidays, solemn dates, which make us proud of our own country, our people, our history. It is such a celebration is the Constitution Day, which citizens of Ukraine celebrate each year on June 28. This date in the list of state holidays of the country is one of the most honorable places, because it was on this day in 1996 that the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted the Constitution of an independent state. Despite the fact that two decades have passed since that day, the significance of this event does not diminish. This holiday is a symbol of the struggle of citizens of Ukraine for freedom, the opportunity to follow their own national traditions and obey the laws of their country. The Constitution Day is a solemn celebration of the adoption of the main Ukrainian bill, confirmation of the received sovereignty and independence.

The creation of the Constitution required enormous strain and labor of many people. Before its approval, on the night of June 27 to 28, no deputy left the session hall, working in a well-coordinated team. Universal efforts were directed to the consideration of important issues. They concerned the most essential aspects for the independent state - the national language and symbols, the rights of citizens to private property. Considered the slightest amendments, comments, deputies listened to the opinion of the President of the country. The Constitution is the legal power of any power. The adoption of the Constitution has elevated Ukraine's authority to a new, higher stage. Its adoption confirmed the territorial integrity of the country and the sovereignty of an independent state. Every law adopted in Ukraine is based on the Constitution and corresponds to each of its lines. The head of Ukraine and the guarantor of observance of the Constitution is the President. The main value of the country is people, their life, their health and dignity.

Two decades is quite a long time. This time is enough for significant changes. During these years, the Constitution was supplemented, which in no way changed its main purpose and did not weaken the action. Perhaps the celebration of this date is not as solemn as twenty years ago. Perhaps, today's situation, rather complicated and tense, does not have to carefree fun. However, not one of the citizens of Ukraine remains indifferent on this day. Happy Constitution Day!

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