30 June 2016

Stainless steel: main types

Stainless products are classified by type of material and final products. According to the types of stainless steel, ferritic, austenitic, martensitic steels are divided into steels. The most common is austenitic stainless steel. It is characterized by good corrosion resistance. Also this type of steel is able to withstand high temperatures during operation. Ferritic steel is attractive in terms of quality and cost. Products from martensitic stainless steel need additional processing. It allows to improve its characteristics in terms of technical and operational parameters.

The main types of stainless steel products include a circle, square, sheet metal, strip, corner, hexagon, tubular products. Each species has its own advantages. The square of stainless steel is resistant to corrosion, aggressive chemical environment. It is able to maintain the initial shape under mechanical stress, under the influence of high temperatures. Basically metal rolling is used in the construction sector, for the manufacture of parts.

Stainless steel circles are strong enough and reliable. They are rods, cross-section of various diameters. They are made by hot or cold rolling. Appearance is quite aesthetic. Accordingly, the products can be used in architectural, engineering, pharmaceutical, chemical industries.

Stainless steel strip — universal rolled metal. It is used as a decorative finish. Also this kind is suitable for the production of equipment structures, parts. Strips are used in construction, food, chemical industries. Stainless steel sheet can be corrugated, matt, polished, perforated. Products are not subject to corrosion, they are resistant to sharp temperature changes. They successfully retain their shape, are durable, reliable and durable.

Hexahedron is a sorted metal product. Dimensions are different, this type of high-alloy metal of different brands is produced. Products are used as supports or connecting parts for the manufacture of structures. A steel corner is necessary for the erection of buildings and buildings. Products differ in the way they are manufactured — they can be bent or hot rolled. The difference in heat treatment to which the bent corner is subjected. Pipes are used in the manufacture of fences, handrails, frames and frames, pipelines.

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