12 June 2016

Happy Russian Day 2016

The Day of Russia, celebrated by us, the Russians, on June 12, rightly can be called the main holiday of RF It was this day that marked the beginning of a new history, a new state called the Russian Federation. In 1990, on that day, the Congress of People's Deputies of the RSFSR was held. It was on him that the Declaration on State Sovereignty of the Country was signed. What was the main meaning of the document? Since 1990, solving a variety of issues of public and state life, the new state could enjoy full power. At the Congress not only adopted the Declaration, but also proclaimed the primacy of the Russian Constitution along with its laws. The most important moment was the new name of the country, the Russian Federation, Russia.

Only a year passed, and again on June 12 the nationwide presidential elections took place. The victory was won by Boris N. Yeltsin . Three years later, in 1994, this landmark date was of national importance. She received the names of the Day of the adoption of the declaration on state sovereignty RF Pravda , in 1998 the name of the holiday was somewhat modified. After the solemn speech of the President, he was called the Day of Russia. True, officially this name was approved only in early February 2002. Before that, the new Labor Code was solemnly adopted. And this year was the beginning of the Day of Russia, which today solemnly celebrate all regions of the country.

Over time, the feast becomes more solemn, although traditions continue to be observed. The holiday can not do without parades and celebrations. Conducted colorful concerts, culminating in unforgettable salutes. In 2002, a theatrical procession was held. 5000 representatives of the Russian regions have made a solemn way between the Tverskaya Zastava and Manezhnaya Square.

In 2003, Russians watched an incredible air show. The aerobatic teams actively participated in it, using MiG-29 and Su-27. The flying planes left a trace behind them, representing the tricolor flag of the country. By the way, after more than forty years, the combat aviation flew the first flight over Red Square.

2004 was marked by a military-historical and regional parade. It was attended by residents of 89 Russian regions and representatives of the national army. In 2007, the Day of Russia was solemnly celebrated in 800 cities. Subsequently there were concerts, celebrations, awards and solemn speeches. Let's see how the Day of Russia will be celebrated this year.

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