25 September 2016

India continues to impose anti-dumping duties

The announcement of the possibility of introducing new anti-dumping duties came from Aruna Sharma. The secretary of the Ministry of National Metallurgy said that duties will affect steel products. In any case, certain categories of sixty-six. These are goods for which a minimum import value has already been established . The validity of the previous minimum fees expires on October 4. Apparently, it will be extended for all imported products. Aruna Sharma refers to the minimum import value as a non-permanent instrument of control. Such a fuse against imports can not act regularly. However, any state has the right to use it. Especially if it is necessary to protect the national industry from the influx of dumping products.

The minimum prices for imported steel products were introduced in early February 2016. Under their influence, there were 173 categories of steel goods. The Indian authorities established the term for six months. However, in August, the measures were extended for two months. The list of imported products was reduced to 66 items. However, the authorities of the country have found a replacement for this measure. In August anti-dumping duties were established. They affected cold-rolled and hot-rolled sheets. The conditions of the same duties are similar to those of the minimum import value .

Such a combination has reasonable justifications. In such a castling, the WTO rules on anti-dumping duties were taken into account. Such tariffs are considered a normal tool for protecting national producers and the domestic market. They can be introduced for a five-year period with the possibility of extension. Hence the conclusion: it is likely that the Indian government will maintain a minimum import value . Simply, this measure in relation to imported products, dangerous for Indian producers will acquire a different name.

At the same time, Indian metallurgists plan to increase export volumes. National Metallurgical Company Tata Steel plans to increase the volume of supplies abroad to 500,000 tons. These are hot-rolled coils supplied from the new Kalinganagar Group. The production is located in the state of Odishi. Its annual production capacity is 3 million tons. Gradually, this figure will increase to a level of 16 million tons per year.

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