30 October 2016

European steelworkers are preparing for a protest in November

Thanks to the efforts of the IndustriAll union, on November 9, about ten thousand metallurgical workers from all over Europe are to take to the streets of Brussels.

The action is aimed at expressing protest against the oppression of the scale of the metallurgical industry in the territory of the European Union.

Members of the union InustriAll, which today has about seven million, lead the disappointing statistics, according to which, now in the steel industry employs less than three hundred thousand workers - this is the lowest figure in the history. Before the period of the crisis, four hundred and forty thousand people were involved in the sphere.

Among the main reasons for this situation can be noted the decline in investment in infrastructure, insufficient investment in modernization, inefficient economic policy of the European Union and, recently, rapidly gaining momentum hard dumping from Asian and Russian metallurgists.

Workers of the industry and members of the union are determined to demand more attention to the industry, emphasizing that this sector of production is the foundation for all the main branches of the production market: automotive, construction, production of renewable energy sources, etc. The fact of the indisputable importance of metallurgy allows us to demand for this industry both economic injections, and indulgences, and privileges at the legislative level.

The planned action is aimed at demonstrating the desire of the industry to create more stringent measures to combat dumping and optimize, according to existing realities, how to protect the market.

Union IndustriAll, also intends to draw the attention of the authorities to the fact that when limiting harmful emissions into the atmosphere, one should be guided not only by consciousness and protection of the environment, but also take into account the interests of producers in preserving jobs.

Among the requirements will be put forward and the requirement to modernize production instead of unlabeled cuts.

Steelworkers hope that such an action will be able to influence the situation and inform the Heads of State of the European Union of the need to amend legislative acts, to maintain the industry at the proper level and to protect European manufacturers from cheap products from other countries.

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