31 October 2016

Duties in the EU are significantly lower than in the US

Association "Eurofer" again raises the issue of lifting the rule of "minimum fee". The problem has existed for a long time, and the growing pressure of the flow of Chinese and Russian imports raises the issue.

Such a move would minimize the existing gap between European and American anti-dumping duties. The current deplorable situation threatens a crisis in the metallurgical sphere of the region. And today Europe needs a radical review of the current situation with understated customs duties.

In the list, there are differences in tariffs, some imported Chinese goods. While in the USA the tariffs for cold-rolled flat products are two hundred and sixty-six percent, in the European Union the tariff for the same goods varies between nineteen and twenty percent. As for stainless rolled flat products - here the US customs duties are 255.5 percent against 24-25 European. When importing rolled steel coated steel, duties in Europe will be in the range of 14 to 58%, while in America it will be necessary to lay out 255.5%. As for reinforcement made of high-strength steel, the situation is just as deplorable, 133% in America against 18-22 European.

President of Eurofer stated the need to use more stringent methods in combating unfair competition of countries that are not members of the EU . The tariffs established in Europe, in fact, do not meet the requirements of modern realities, allowing to suppress the regional producer, cheap products from the outside.

Now, the European Union is the only major region that applies the principle of a minimum fee. In order to protect and protect the local producer, it is necessary to make early changes in this area.

The head of Eurofer pointed out that it is necessary to create an opportunity, to ensure the possibility of repealing the principle of a minimum fee. Such conditions must be implemented in practice. Axel Eggert - president of Eurofer - called on all European Union leaders to close this gap, calling it "a hole in the European trade protection system." According to the representative of Eurofer, one can not continue to ignore the situation and aggravate the situation, such behavior can lead to unpredictable consequences, both at the level of workers and at the level of the heads of large-scale metallurgical corporations.

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