21 March 2019

The world production volumes grew in January

The World Steel Association, shared the latest data for January 2019. She gave their statistics in 64 countries. In January world steel output amounted to 146.7 million tons. The index increased by 1% compared to the same period. However, the growth rate has been the lowest. Mean from 2016. In an average day smelted 4,732 million tonnes. It’s a bit more than it was in December. Overall growth mainly contributed to China. National metallurgists produced 75 million tons of steel. Thus, they exceeded last year’s January result by 4.3%. But this fixed reduction in average smelting. The reduction amounted to 1.5% compared with December.

On the second place in terms of steel production were the United States. The entire local steel company produced 7.65 million tons. For last year’s same period result was below 11%. Moreover, this is a new record since the summer of 2014. Another major steel producer is India. However, this time it is slightly behind. Last month ended her decline. It amounted to 1.9% compared to last January. Thus, the production capacity has reached 9.18 million tons. Experts note a certain consistency of this decline. Perhaps the trend to last all year.

Japanese steel company also showed impressive results. Moreover, the industry is recorded a significant decline. Compared with January last year, the index fell by 9.8%. So total was produced in January of 8.14 million tons of steel. This is the worst result since July 2009. But not only Japan. The European Union has produced 13.8 million tons. Compared to last year it is 3.5% less. Results deteriorated in Italy, France and Germany.

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