13 April 2019

SQM was allowed to implement the project of expansion of production capacity of lithium

The Chilean company SQM has allowed the realization of a new lithium project. The permit was issued by the national environmental regulator. The new project provides for the expansion of production capacity of lithium. It will come from the salt lakes in the Atacama desert. It is located on the North of the country. Currently, it developed lithium deposits. It is known that the desert is one of the driest places. This refers to in the world. Because of this, there is a problem with water resources. There is an acute shortage.

The new project is estimated at about 400 million dollars. Thanks to her, will be increased production of lithium carbonate equivalent. The planned growth will be 60 thousand tons per year. Production of lithium carbonate, the company will make 180 thousand tons. The company’s management is still keeping deadlines. It is known that this will take part the largest shareholder. It is a Chinese company Tianqi Lithium Corp. It is engaged in the production of lithium products. This product is used for batteries. It is known that at the present time these batteries are in high demand. Thus, to create favorable conditions for the development of a number of companies. We are talking about those involved in the supply of lithium products.

Today, SQM is another project. Its implementation will allow to increase its capacity. He will be able to reach the level of 120 thousand tons per year. It is expected that this result will be achieved in 2020. At the moment the figure is much lower. It is about 70 thousand tons per year. The main advantage of the new project is to optimize the use of water. Is meant for production of lithium products.

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