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Inconel difficult to process because of the tendency to hardening. Therefore, it is treated with a deep but slow cutting with carbide. Nickel alloys, series 600−625 treated with shallow depth of removal and speed of 40m/min.


All Nickel alloys are poorly welded due to cracking and microstructural separation of alloying elements, although there are alloys that are welded well.

Percentage composition

Inconel Ni Cr Fe Mo Nb Co Mn Cu Al Ti Si C S P B
600 72,0 14,0−17,0 6,0−10,0       1,0 0,5     0,5 0,15 0,015    
625 58,0 20,0−23,0 5,0 8,0−10,0 3,15−4,15 1,0 0,5   0,4 0,4 0,5 0,1 0,015 0,0150  
718 50,0−55,0 17,0−21,0 balance The 2.8−3.3 V 4,75−5,5 1,0 0,35 0,2−0,8 0,65−1,15 0,3 0,35 0,08 0,015 0,0150 0,006


Parts of gas turbine engines, compressors, parts of chemical apparatus,.Nickel alloy is applied as a protective coating equipment for chemical industry with high-speed flame spraying.


In closed warehouses or under the shed providing adequate protection against mechanical and other damage.


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