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The company Electrocentury-steel offers to buy at affordable prices from the manufacturer surround metal — circle, rod, wire, made of alloy Invar 36N. The supplier ensures the delivery of products to any place specified by the consumer.

Overview alloy

The 36N alloy Invar is a Nickel alloy, 36% made up of Nickel, which has almost zero rate of thermal expansion approximately 10% of carbon steel at temperatures from -100 ° C to 200 ° C.

The Invar alloy 36N guarantees high resistance and toughness at extremely low temperatures, making it suitable for various applications with low or low temperatures. The alloy is ideal for areas where size changes due to temperature must be minimal.

The composition of Invar included:

  • Iron — 63%;
  • Nickel — 36%;
  • Manganese — 0,6%;
  • Silicon is 0.4%.

The mechanical characteristics of the alloy is given below:

  • Tensile strength tensile, MPa — 480;
  • The plastic limit, MPa — 310;
  • Elongation, percent — 30;
  • The Vickers hardness is 150 HV.

Buy at affordable prices from the manufacturer of Invar alloy 36N, the company offers Electrocentury-steel. The supplier ensures the delivery of products to any place specified by the customer.

Features and application of alloy

The coefficient of linear thermal expansion of Invar is practically zero, which determines its effective use in a cryogenic machines and plants.

Among other applications of this alloy — positioning devices, bimetal thermostats, advanced composite molds for aerospace industry, optical devices, small electrical transformers, Metrology equipment, scientific instruments, electrical circuit breakers, temperature regulators, clock balance wheels, pendulum clocks, precision condenser blades, radar and microwave resonators, resonators, etc.

The Invar wire is produced according to GOST 14082−78 diameter from 0.1 to 3.6 mm, wound on a spool or in coils. The diameter of the produced rods of alloy 36N (Invar) — HR 8…200 mm, forged 20…200 mm, polished 1…30 mm.

To buy bulk rolled products of alloy 36N (Invar) for the price of the manufacturer, the company offers Electrocentury-steel. Supplier will deliver products to any destination specified by the customer.