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The sheet, tape, foil is made of high-alloy alloy ХН38ВТ with high indicators of heat resistance. A similar composition based on iron and nickel with the addition of a number of chemical additives is highly efficient when working in harsh industrial conditions.


The composition contains from thirty-five to thirty-nine percent nickel and from twenty to twenty-three percent chromium. The basis of the alloy is iron, and as additional alloying components can act sulfur, manganese, tungsten, as well as titanium and other elements.

Percentage of GOST 5632−72 .

Al C Ti Fe Ni Cr Mn P and S Ce Si W
≤0.5 ≤0.8 0.7−0.12 31−41.44 35−39 20−23 ≤0,7 0.02−0.03 ≤0,052 ≤0.8 2.8−3.5

Heat resistance of sheet, tape, foil brand ХН38ВТ depends primarily on the strength of atomic compounds in the structure of the material. According to this indicator, all such materials can be divided into two types: heat-resistant and heat-resistant. As a rule, heat-resistant steels are able to effectively withstand temperatures exceeding six hundred degrees Celsius in a certain time interval.


Flat rolling brand ХН38ВТ is in demand in many areas of the modern production complex. Due to their high operating parameters, the sheet, tape, and foil of the brand ХН38ВТ proved to be quite successful when working in a gas environment. Therefore, the main area of use of semi-finished products of this type are gas supply systems and heat and water supply to houses, building structures, food and chemical industries, and the aviation industry. It should be noted that the performance of semi-finished products of this type will depend not only on their chemical composition and processing method, but also on the load distribution schemes for the part during operation. So the stability of the product to the dynamic effect of the gas velocity flow or variable load of different amplitude and frequency will differ significantly in the time of reliable operation.


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