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Strength, durability, availability of any treatment. Surface oxide film gives aluminum plate excellent resistance to corrosion. Unlike other non-ferrous metals this plate is inexpensive and has excellent consumer qualities. It’s light, meets the stringent sanitary standards, has an aesthetic appearance, carries considerable temperature differences. High technology, namagnichennosti sufficient specific strength that allowed her today to take a worthy place among similar materials. Long service life, reliability, reasonable price — make it relevant in many industries. It is important that after recycling aluminium can be reused.


If you compare with other alloys, aluminum plate loses heat resistance and strength. Aluminium’s low fatigue resistance, which reduces the reliability of structural parts working under load.

aluminum plate
GOST Mark Chem. composition
13726−97 A0, A5, A6, A7 GOST 11069−74
AD0, AD00, the ADB, AD1, AD, AB, B95, D1, D16, MM, D12, AMC, AMCs, Amg2, AMGZ, AMg5, Amgb, 1105 1915 GOST 4784−74
VD1, B95−1 GOST 1131−76


Aluminum plate relevant today in various fields. The construction industry uses it for the production of decorative elements. It is hardly replaceable in the energy sector, electrical engineering, domestic sphere. In aviation, mechanical engineering and shipbuilding it is relevant for the manufacture of fragments of the case and details of management. Good thermal conductivity makes it popular in the refrigeration and heat transfer systems.


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