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the virtues

Accessory pipe Ø 2 mm to the copper semi-finished products allows to use them without major loss qualities in a wide temperature range in contact with oxidizing environments. This pipe is very technological and although inferior in strength steel alloys, but easy to cut, drilled, bends, soldered, mounted. Inertness to the influence of condensate and high corrosion resistance allows you to use any kind of circulating refrigerants. This pipe has a very long life. In addition, copper nemanitsa and has a positive influence on human health. On the walls of the copper tubes are not clogged with mucus and mud deposits. With a minimum diameter they have good bandwidth, which increases the overall performance of systems.


Copper pipe with diameter 2 mm are more expensive compared to steel or aluminium counterparts. The high cost of copper pipes associated with a high copper prices on the world market. But as practice shows, in the long-term forecast of their use is guaranteed to pay off.


In the composition of copper pipes with diameter 2 mm contains no less than 99.7% of chemically pure copper. Used stamps with the minimal content of impurities: M1, Ì1ð, M2, Ì2ð, Mr, M3. Thanks corrosion resistance, biological inertness — this pipe has a special place in the production of. The percentage composition of such pipes normalized GOST 859−2001, and they are made according to GOST 617−2006.

varieties of copper tubes
Name Brand alloy Cutting, mm
For air conditioners M1, Ì1ð, M2, Ì2ð, Mr, M3





copper Pipe Ø 2 mm to treat the necessary components circulation systems, widely used for creation of gas systems and climate control, to serve as preparation for cutting, punching in the production of parts rolling. Through these pipes have the opportunity to improve the production process and to provide more reliable work of the equipment.


Annealed copper tube cross section 2 mm comes bays or straight lines. The pipe ends are closed to prevent the ingress of foreign particles. Each batch of pipes Packed in polyethylene film and is stored in closed rooms. more Detail to familiarize with the range, specify main features, advantages, the use parameters products you can on our website. The company 'VIC" is an unlimited range of non-ferrous metal. Carried out both wholesale and retail supply.

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On our website offers a wide range of pipes, non-ferrous alloys of various grades. High quality of products and the absence of middlemen determine the most favorable conditions for their acquisition for solving production tasks. Delivery in the shortest possible time in any region of the country and abroad, compliance with regulatory documentation already gained the trust of regular customers. Due to the relatively low cost and wide model range, pipes, non-ferrous alloys continued popularity in all spheres of production.